Thursday, September 9, 2010

Health Tip!

I have added a new gadget to the bottom of my page.
Seeing that cyclists are massively into self health then these tips might be useful.
However if you want more life tips head on over to my mates site:

Also went for a ride last night, got home about 5mins before the rain came. Lucky I pushed it on the way home even managing to drop the other people in my group!!

Might be a bit of a slack weekend for me because I have an interview and some other things to go to.
However I'm hoping to get back out on the mountain bike on Sunday and have a bit of a hit out.

Thank you for the support!


  1. wow man

  2. yay your tip made me healthier thanks

  3. Great post mate.

    i will follow u and support.

    Hope u will do the same if u like my blog offcourse :)

  4. showin daily support for cool blogs!
    View and follow me bro?

  5. Showing the daily support!

  6. i follow u and support!