Thursday, September 16, 2010

Been Busy

Sorry I haven't been posting too much, I haven't really had anything that exciting happen lately though and I've been busy with assignments. I've been spending my time reading all of your posts instead of posting for myself.

Only thing I can really think of, is that I'm thinking of getting some carbon racing wheels.
They are a little bit expensive for me at the moment though, but hey.. I can keep saving up!

Hopefully I can get them before the summer racing season starts as they would make a hell of a difference!
Also the World Championships are coming to Melbourne in a few weeks time! I can't wait to go and see the best in the world ride around my area!

I hope you are all well, keep fit!


  1. When does the summer racing season start and end?

  2. no problem man!

    Showin' the love!

  3. Showing my nightly support, comrade.

  4. Awesome!!!

    Follow and support u!

  5. Same here man :) Have a nice day, supporting!